Interview with the Graphics Man

1. How did you get the nickname "The Graphics Man"?

I don't really remember how this the graphics man name came about, but it start after I got out of high school. My friends main refers to me as THE GRAPHICS MAN I think because I love playing video games, and I can develop all kinds of artwork on and off the computer. Plus, they think I have a natural talent of being a game developer for whatever reason I wouldn't know! ;)

1a. What was your single most motivation from programming on the jaguar platform? and what keeps you doing it today?

I just think it a cOol sytem, but you can really thank Steven for bring me on the Jag development board, haha... Hey, bro (Steven)!

2. What games are you currently working on for the Jaguar?

FORCE Design is working on three of the following titles for the Jag:

Gp Earth GOD's Troopers, LEGION FORCE JIDAI, and CRAZE.

3. Can you give us a brief description of each?

Gp Earth GOD's Troopers is an awesome shooter for being develop for the Jag. I don't think there will be anything like it for the Jag for a while after it release if ever! >:)

LEGION FORCE JIDAI is action platform game being develop for the Jag. It will be some what like a Metal Slug for the old mighty Jag!

CRAZE is a title that is being develop(ed) for the Jag, and it's nothing of your business what it is at the moment!

4. How far into development is each project?


5. How do you plan on releasing your new games? CD, Cart, paid download, or shareware?

Well, I see D... do ya get it?

6. What advice would you give to someone thinking about programming on the Jag? Like what dev kit? Skills needed? Whats the toughest part to programming the beast?

Always brainstorm a game ideal before you jump into development, and always remember to be a little flexible while developing a game because I guarantee you'll have other ideals or problems that will come. So you might have to change the orginal concept a bit.

BJL, or The Offical Atari Jag Dev kit.

Assembly, and (or) C

using some of the darn development toOls that Atari made for the system!

7. I also heard that you are the artist on gorf 2000. What is the status of that project? I've tried to cover alot of jag sites for news and have come up with no information.

Yes, I am the graphics man of GORF 2000. And I'm still developing artwork for the game...

8. If you want to give your website a plug, just pop in your URL here and I'll point people your way?


Thank-you for all your time.

Good Luck on all your project.


Robert Dutcher

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