J.U.G.S. Developement System


JUGS is the newest and safest way to develope new Jaguar games. It can also play most Underground Jaguar games, Capture screen shots, Send screen shots to a Printer, Patch games and Play Modem 2 Modem games. What else could you ask for? But I'll let them tell you more. Here are direct text grabs from there website. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Using the Ingenious new JUGS development system, you too can experience the awe and wonder of the Jaguar Underground Developer Community

Many new Jaguar Applications are coming out virtually every week, and unless you have a megabuck "Official" development system, or a degree in microelectronic circuitry, you are missing out on the action... until now

With JUGS, anyone can load and play literally dozens of exciting and thrilling new applications on their Jaguar system, with more new programs coming out virtually every week! All this can be done without making a single modification to your Jaguar System


What is JUGS?

JUGS is an easy, inexpensive, and flexible way to load new software into a Jaguar Videogame Console, without having to modify (i.e. ruin) the Jaguar in the process.

In recent years, many hobbyists have begun writing their own homebrew games for the Jaguar 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System. Unfortunately, all of these programs cannot execute on a production Jaguar, due to the difficult encryption built into the console. The encryption was designed to prevent companies from releasing unapproved software for the system, or releasing software and not paying the licensing fees.

Now that the Jaguar has become an open system, anyone can create new applications for it. However, the downside of this is that the encryption tools have been lost, making it difficult to distribute any new programs

To circumvent this encryption, several people have devised schemes where the Jaguar's internal Boot ROM chip is replaced with a modified circuit, which allows the loading of new software via a proprietary custom cable or some other over-engineered method. These modifications have generally been referred to as Jaguar "Servers". Sadly, all of these clever schemes require extensive experience in electronic circuit assembly and repair skills. Additionally, few people have the tools required to burn the necessary custom Boot ROMS, let alone the skills required to desolder and solder high-density integrated circuits on a 4-layer printed circuit board. Many misguided attempts to install these complex systems have ended in frustration and nonfunctional Jaguars!

Luckily, the ingenious folks at ScatoLOGIC, the people behind the fantastic BattleSphere™ videogame, decided that far too many people were being deprived of the chance to see these cool homebrew titles. Many more people were frustrated by the difficulty in setting up and using these existing "Servers" (not to mention the ever increasing number of Jaguars destroyed in the attempts to modify them) so ScatoLOGIC set about to correct the situation. Their answer to this situation was incredibly simple: Why not just put the server software into a Cartridge like any other game? If course, the people at ScatoLOGIC are not known for tackling a problem with a solution which costs the Jaguar Community a lot of money… so they asked: Why not just put the server software into a program which everyone ALREADY will buy, like our amazing BattleSphere™? Thus JUGS was born.

In short, JUGS is a hardware and software solution allows anyone to load any data into the RAM of their Jaguar and redirect the 68000 CPU to any specific run address! Virtually any program which can run from RAM addresses in the Jaguar can run with JUGS!!! All without opening their Jaguar or cutting a single wire!!!

The JUGS System comes complete with everything you need to see the exciting world of Underground Jaguar Development Each kit includes the following:

* The JUGS Device - To connect to your PC

* The JUGS Software - To Load your programs

* The JUGS Access Code - To enable JUGS in BattleSphere

* Free UnderGround software

* Example loader batch files

* Level 92 patch utility for BattleSphere

* Free ScatoLogic Demos

* Special Bonus Access Code for BattleSphere

* Special Bonus files for all fans of BattleSphere

* Much, Much , More


  • What do I need to use JUGS?

    Almost everything you would need to use JUGS, you probably already own.

    1. The most obvious thing you will need is a Jaguar Console. It's a safe bet that you already own one if you are reading this.
    2. The second thing you will need is a copy of BattleSphere™.
    3. The third thing you need is an IBM compatible PC with a free RS-232 communications port. Many people have these, or have access to them.
    4. The fourth thing you need is a JagLink Interface. Any self-respecting Jaguar owner should have a pair or two of these around for networked games.
    5. The next thing you need is a device to connect the Jaguar to the Serial Port on your PC. This is accomplished using the JUGS Device. This ingenious device translates the signals from the Jaguar JagLink Interface to the Serial Port on your PC.
    6. Of course, to use JUGS, you will need software for the PC which communicates to JUGS and can load programs into the Jaguar. This software comes with the JUGS device.
    7. Also provided with the JUGS device is the secret code and activation sequence to enable JUGS on your BattleSphere™ Cartridge.
    8. The last thing you will need is a homebrew game or demo to run on your JUGS. Many such programs can be located on the web. See the resources link for a list of good sources.


  • What else can JUGS do?

    The potential uses for JUGS are virtually limitless. Only the bounds of the human imagination will constrain the potential of JUGS. Here are some examples of the many additional features of JUGS.

    1. JUGS works in conjunction with special code in BattleSphere™ to capture breathtaking screenshots directly into your computer! No more grainy low-quality screen captures! Even the best video capture card screens look like a 1969 Zenith Color TV with a bad RG-86 tube in comparison to direct screenshots! 

  • JUGS will allow you to load a forthcoming ScatoLOGIC patch for Level 91 of Gauntlet Mode in  BattleSphere™.

  • JUGS will allow you to load game enhancement patches to BattleSphere™. Add extra lives, increase your speed, alter your score, anything is possible!

  • JUGS can be used to connect your Jaguar to a standard PC Modem, for exciting modem-to-modem gameplay (requires PC  [Hayes command set] modem compatible games)!

  • JUGS can be used to connect your Jaguar to any serial printer to print awesome screenshots or text (requires printer compatible software)..

  • JUGS can connect your Jaguar to Barcode readers, scanners, stepper motor controllers and servos to create a spectacular robotics experiment!

  • And Much More!!!


    1. Connect up your Jaguar to the monitor/Television and install the BattleSphere™ Cartridge.
    2. Plug the JagLink Interface into the DSP Port of the Jaguar.
    3. Plug the JUGS Device into a free RS-232 Port on your PC.
    4. Connect the JagLink Interface to the JUGS Device using the JagLink Cable (Use the cable that came with the JagLink. Regular Telephone cords will NOT work!)
    5. Power up the systems.
    6. Navigate the BattleSphere™ Menus to reach the "Gameplay Options" screen.
    7. On the keypad of the Jaguar Controller, type in the access code provided with your JUGS Software, and listen for the Jaguar to say "Awesome". If it did not make this sound, you have made a mistake and should try again. The JUGS system is now enabled, and saved to the Nonvolatile Memory on the BattleSphere™ Cartridge. You do NOT have to enable it each time to reboot.
    8. The JUGS server is now ready for activation at any time at the mere press of the access keypress combination (also included with the JUGS Software)..
    9. Select the baud-rate you wish to load at with the Joypad. Slower speeds are generally more reliable when used with long cable lengths but result in longer load-times.
    10. Run the JUGS loader on the PC. From a DOS prompt, type the command to load your file. The syntax for the loader is as shown below:




    Copyright 2000 Robert Dutcher All Rights Reserved