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The newest and easiest Jaguar Developement package is here and its built into the Battle Sphere game cart. And all you need to play the underground games, is this small adapter, jag-link and a Battle Sphere Cart. Check out our developement pages for more info or visit there website here: BuyJugs.com

Here is a qoute from there website: "Using the Ingenious new JUGS development system, you too can experience the awe and wonder of the Jaguar Underground Developer Community. Many new Jaguar Applications are coming out virtually every week, and unless you have a megabuck "Official" development system, or a degree in microelectronic circuitry, you are missing out on the action... until now! With JUGS, anyone can load and play literally dozens of exciting and thrilling new applications on their Jaguar system, with more new programs coming out virtually every week! All this can be done without making a single modification to your Jaguar System!


For more information on up and comming titles or to order other songbird products, visit there website Songbird Productions


April 14, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird's fourth new Jaguar title in six months isn't even out the door yet as word of more Atari Lynx and Jaguar projects has surfaced. Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions, remarked, "The response of fans thus far to new Lynx titles and particularly in recent the months to the new Jaguar titles has been substantial. I'm thrilled to have been a part in bringing out some great games that might have otherwise been lost forever, and equally exciting is the opportunity to discuss some future projects for the Atari world."

Heading up the list is Cybervirus (TM) for the Atari Lynx. This incredible 3D mission-based action game will be a hit with every Lynx fan, since it's based on the same game engine that gave Lynx fans BattleWheels. Next on the list is Championship Racing (TM), a cool super-smooth overhead racing game featuring multiple tracks, tight control, and multiplayer options! Finally, Planar Wars 3D (working title) -- a game that puts you in the cockpit of the last surviving defense starship -- and Ultravore (TM) -- an explosive comlynxable fighting game -- will give Lynx fans even more to look forward to down the road.

At press time, Songbird hopes to have at least one new Lynx game completed in time for CGE2K but further details were unavailable.

Lest Jaguar fans lose hope, several future Jaguar projects are also under consideration. One potential bright spot appeared recently as Songbird acquired complete rights and source to the Virtual VCS, which emulates the classic Atari VCS (or 2600) games on the Jaguar platform. Additionally, Songbird has prototyped and will be producing a Rapid Fire Controller for the Jaguar. This controller has been a hit with early testers, and greatly enhances the gameplay in button-mashing games like Raiden and Zero 5.

Be sure to stop by the Songbird booth at CGE2K to buy any new releases and see the latest demos for upcoming products!

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at http://songbird.atari.net, or send an email to songbird@atari.net.


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Other Songbird titles:



Well guys the wait is over. Battle Sphere is finally on its way. This is the offical press release directly from there homepage. Check it out, or visit there website at Scatologic Home. The price will be $69.99.


February 29, 2000

For immediate release:

CAPITOLA, CA -- Scatologic Inc. is pleased to announce that the long awaited BattleSphere(tm) for the Jaguar platform will soon ship, and that all profits from the game will be donated to diabetes research.

BattleSphere(tm) is the awesome full 3D networked action shooter for the Jaguar. The game was developed by renowned Jaguar, NUON, PSX2 and PC developer 4Play, which recently merged with Scatologic Inc. to form the newest industry powerhouse development team.

The highly anticipated BattleSphere(tm) combines the fast-action gameplay of a first person shooter with the nonlinear aspects of a strategic campaign simulator. Also included on the same cartridge are several additional play variations which range from a pure classic arcade action game to a multi-player networked deathmatch mode, where up to 32 players can dogfight for control of the Universe. The game garnered wcclaim from players when it was demonstrated at the World Of Atari show in 1998, and it has received glowing praise from industry leading publications like Next Generation Magazine and Diehard Gamefan magazine.

BattleSphere(tm) was completed several years ago, but the release has been pending for some time due to the fact that the Jaguar ceased to be a mainstream platform, and the software, tooling, and procedures required to produce cartridges were lost and had to be recreated. "The biggest hurdle was overcoming the loss of the software encryption key,." said Scatlogic COO, Douglas Engel, who was one of the original BattleSphere(tm) development team. Scott LeGrand, Scatologic CEO, was enthusiastic about the team's effort to recreate the missing encryption key. He commented, "Generating a unique key ourselves allowed us to produce the highest quality game, cartridge, and packaging without resorting to risky unproven and expensive hardware bypassing techniques."

In an unprecedented move, Scatologic has announced that all profits from the sale of BattleSphere(tm) will be donated to diabetes research. Scatologic CTO Stephanie Wukovitz stated, "Videogames are stereotyped as a harmful influence on society, and we wanted to show that they can be a very positive factor. Donating the profits to diabetes research is our way of showing this, as well as a way to thank everyone who has helped us get this game produced."

A special autographed copy of BattleSphere(tm) is up for auction on eBay right now. As an added incentive, the high bidder's name will be digitally encoded into this very special collector's item. BattleSphere(tm) will begin full-scale shipping soon afterwards. BattleSphere(tm) is priced at only $74.99 plus $5.00 shipping and handling (Continental U.S.). Orders outside the continental U.S. will require additional charges depending on the destination. California residents must add 8.25% sales tax.

Copyright 2000 Scatologic Inc. All rights reserved. This article may be reprinted in its entirety. BattleSphere(tm) is copyright and trademark 4Play/Scatologic. All rights reserved.

copyright (c) 2000 Scatologic, Inc.

Here is a few screen shots. Now say you don't need this game.



Sinister Developments

Well if you ever wanted to know what happened to Sinister Developments games. Here's a quote from there website and screen shots of Slam Racer.

"The only game we did work on was Slam Racer, an overhead car racing game which is in a working demo state and is playable, but not very good :(   This was as far as the game got before Atari started to lose interest in the Jaguar and I had run out of money to develop the game any further. There are no plans to take Slam Racer any further as it requires a lot of new graphics and level design as well as some serious code re-writing, and having lost some $20K on doing Jaguar stuff, I'm not going to invest any more money."



OMC Games

Omc games is the company that is developing the game called Assassin. Its a next generation RPG that the Jaguar community is looking forward to. Here are a few pics. You can reach them at omcgames



Hasbro Releases Publishing Rights to the Atari Jaguar 64 Platform:


Beverly, MA (May 14,1999) - Leading entertainment software publisher, Hasbro Interactive announced today it has released all rights that it may have to the vintage Atari hardware platform, the Jaguar.

Hasbro Interactive acquired rights to many Atari properties, including the legendary Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong games, in a March 1998 acquisitiomn from JTS Corporation.

This announcement will allow software developers to create and publish software for the Jaguar system without having to obtain a licensing agreement with Hasbro
Interactive for such platform development. Hasbro Interactive cautioned, however, that the developers should not use the Atari trademark or logo in connection with their games or present the games as authorized or approved by Hasbro Interactive.

"Hasbro Interactive is strictly focused on developing and publishing entertainment software for the PC and the next generation game consoles," said Richard Cleveland, Head of Marketing for Hasbro Interactive's Atari Business Unit. "We realize there is a passionate audience of diehard Atari fans who want to keep the Jaguar system alive, and we don't want to prevent them from doing that. We will not interfere with the efforts of software developers to create software for the Jaguar system."

This information was released by Hasbro Interactive at the E3 show this May ,1999.


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